Acc 201 -会计原则1 (3 credit hours) 
An introduction to financial accounting that explains the accounting principles and procedures used to record and report economic events of a business entity. Financial accounting focuses on the preparation of accounting information for users outside the business entity.

Acc 202 -会计原则II (3 credit hours)
A continuation of the introduction to financial accounting principles and an introduction to managerial accounting. Managerial accounting focuses on the preparation and use of ac- counting information by management. Prerequisite: Acc 201.

BAd 103 -软件应用概论 (3 credit hours) 
Survey of the Windows operating system and business software applications, including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database software. Fulfills computer competency for Business or Accounting majors.

BAd 301 – Business Law (3 credit hours)
A basic course dealing with the history and operation of the law, the law of contracts, and some description of other important segments of law useful to business students. 前提条件:初级状态或权限.

BAd 318 – Business Statistics (3 credit hours) 
Fundamental concepts and methods of statistics covering frequency distributions, 集中趋势和分散的度量, probability, probability distributions, sampling, estimation, statistical quality control, quantitative decision making, hypothesis testing, correlation analysis, regression analysis, 非参数统计. 先决条件:第113或同等学历.

BAd 405 -管理信息系统 (3 credit hours) 
Examination of information needs of a business and how to plan, design, 并实施一个系统来满足这些需求. Prerequisite: Senior status.

BAd 499 – Business Policy (3 credit hours) 
A capstone case course with an emphasis on integrating the various functional areas of business. As cases are discussed, 考虑到的主题,如决策, strategic planning, and organization theory. 先决条件:高级状态,Fin 308,管理306和市场307.

Eco 201 -经济概念I(宏观经济) (3 credit hours) 
An introduction to the functions of an economic system with an emphasis on income determination and government policy.

Eco 202 -经济概念II(微观经济学) (3 credit hours) 
An introduction to the functions of an economic system with an emphasis on decision- making by individuals and firms in a market economy.

Fin 308 – Financial Concepts (3 credit hours) 
An introduction to the basic principles, concepts and analytical techniques of finance. 主要主题包括财务分析和规划, working capital management, capital budgeting, cost of capital, and sources of capital. Prerequisites: Acc 201; BAd 103, 311; Eco 201 and 202.

管理306 -管理概念 (3 credit hours) 
The study of principles of management focused around a central core of planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and staffing. 前提条件:大二.

Mkt 307 – Marketing Concepts (3 credit hours) 
The study of the principles of marketing around the themes of product, price, place, and promotion. 前提条件:大二.